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Shelly oversees and directs all non-attorney personnel and is the senior staff person on all casework for every file in the office. The quality and efficiency of all the casework is a direct testament of Shelly’s work ethic, management ability and organizational efforts.

Shelly Grandstaff, Office Manager

As the main resource for answering the phone and welcoming you to our office, Shelby's sparkling personality gives our firm the warm, welcoming environment you deserve.

Shelby Hohneke, Legal Assistant

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Ed Oakie, Investigator, Lawyer Services Incorperated

Ed is a former Iowa State Trooper and Fire Marshal who puts his knowledge and experience to work in the investigation field. He explores various records, verifies details, interviews witnesses, and uncovers valuable facts to increase the understanding and recovery value of your case.


Meet the Olson Law Firm team!

The power of a team relies in the strength of its players. When you choose Olson Law Firm, you can count on our expert support staff!

Rob Gray, IT Staff Support

Rob has been involved in the IT functions his whole life and is the back bone of pulling all the digital pieces together for the team!  Rob is the behind the scenes guy.  

Tom Tully, Audio-Video, Attorney Technical Resource

Tom is an experience attorney specializing in Personal Injury & Trial/Mediation who truly cares about our clients!

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