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When you've been injured or harmed by a mistake by a medical professional, now's the time to call. Hospitals and other medical centers are often very aggressive in response to medical malpractice cases, making it imperative for us to take immediate action with all of the facts possible to use in your case.

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When you're injured in a medical situation, it is essential that measures be taken to preserve evidence, investigate the incident, and file a lawsuit as soon as possible. With support from your medical records, we can decipher what happened and use our expert knowledge to build a case in your favor!

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We believe in Justice and accountability…Even in the medical field!


Most people are willing to trust those in the medical field with their lives, health, wellbeing, and care.    None of us expect “a catastrophe”.  If you or a loved one have experienced pain, suffering, and loss due to medical malpractice Olson Law Office is here to help!

If the medical profession has errored you may be entitled to compensation. Today is the day to start the road to recovery.  

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