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When you've been abused, it takes a lot of strength and courage to come forward. When you've made that hard first step, we're here to do the rest. From reporting your circumstances to the proper legal authorities to building a lawsuit to serve to your abuser, we will provide compassionate legal guidance every step of the way.

Let us go to work for you

No matter what happened to you, we'll always be by your side. When you present your case, our team will immediately go to work to preserve evidence, investigate your assertions, review the legal precedents and file a lawsuit. Whether you need advice, support, or simply a solid legal team, we'll do whatever we can to get it for you.

We'll show you what we can do

Stand up to your abuser

If you have been abused, our compassionate team will always be by your side. We understand how challenging standing up and speaking out can be, and we want to show you how much we care. Whether you want to fight for a recovery or you just need someone to support you, Olson Law Firm is just a phone call away.

Make today the day you do what's right. Don't let abuse take control of your life.

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